Our Philosophies


  • Your body is high-tech, so your equipment doesn’t have to be. Instead of learning how to use a boring, obsolete machine, have fun learning to use your body!
  • Sitting is bad for health- so why work out sitting down? Moving around is good for you, and way more fun!
  • Exercise can be fun. Exercise should be fun. More importantly, if it’s fun, you’re more likely to still be doing it down the line.
  • Effective exercise can be safe, so it should be.
  • Economy is about resources, which includes time. Our brand of functional fitness is the most efficient use of your time; the best bang for your buck. This equates to less time in here and more time back in your life!
  • workshops2“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” – we believe in empowering our clients with education so they can best serve themselves and others.
  • Synergy – Getting more from two things when they are combined. Rossiter and functional fitness are powerful tools individually, but offer something special when combined. Most of us are imbalanced by some area too overworked, overdeveloped, and tight. Rossiter addresses this. However, there is usually a counterpart on the other side of the body that is proportionally underdeveloped; this is where functional fitness comes in. These two approaches combine for complete mobility and ability.

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