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Keith has had a contagious passion for fitness since he was eight years old. A Certified Functional Training Specialist, and Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach, his style is goal-oriented, with emphasis on form (technique) and progress. He strives to provide each client with a workout that is challenging, safe, and fun. Working in fitness since 1994, he has trained clients from ages 12 to 94. Keith enjoys a personal one-on-one approach for clients, and also brings a new level of fun to group workouts. In 2008, he became one of Northern Colorado’s first Certified Rossiter coaches. He is now an Advanced Certified Unit IV Rossiter coach and teaches The Rossiter Stretching System. 970-817-3499 [email protected]



Shelly began her Rossiter career in 2008 and is currently an Advanced Certified Unit IV Rossiter coach and also teaches Rossiter Stretching. For over nine years she has seen her clients gain a better quality of life through connective tissue stretching. No longer bound by pain or limitation, they return to working out, sports, or hobbies with a new lease on life. Shelly herself has recovered from plantar fasciitis, a misaligned hip, and neck pain with Rossiter stretches. 970-817-3500 RockyMountainRossiter.com


Kaitlyn got into fitness through functional training, in which we was certified in 2017. She then studied further at StraightLine in 2018 to master her understanding and skills as a trainer in functional fitness. She has a tireless passion to share her knowledge and wisdom about the body and healing with her clients, and with you!





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Ken has been involved in fitness and training for most of his life. Beginning as a competitive runner and cyclist when he was young, and continuing professionally as a Sports Director and coach for the Special Olympics.  More recently, Ken’s time working in wildland fire for the US Forest Service showed him the unequaled benefits of functional fitness when it comes to being truly healthy and fit. Ken is a Certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA and a Level 1 Functional Movement Specialist with FMS. He enjoys providing training and guidance to athletes, kids and adults of all ages, ability levels, and goals.             (970) 988-3807   spartanfunctionalfitness.com



Caroline Chant is an ACE certified functional trainer and owner of From the Heart Health & Fitness. Her training and personal experiences with weight loss and fitness have created a passion to help others achieve their own health and happiness through strength and cardiovascular training, proper nutrition and self-love.

Caroline’s journey with health and fitness began in 2008 after returning from a semester abroad in Australia and deciding it was time to make some serious changes in her life. At this time, she was unhappy and overweight, so she decided that working with a personal trainer was the right, first step in her health journey. Little did she know how much it would change the trajectory of her life. Caroline became stronger, happier and healthier, but more importantly, she learned how to love herself and now empowers others to do the same.

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