Functional Training

“Old school” meets new school – The best of time-tested fitness essentials combined with cutting-edge modern exercise science. Our workouts are effective, safe, and fun. We emphasize movement, full-body involvement, and quality form for optimal results. At StraightLine, you’ll find a large variety of challenging, fun ways to take your fitness to the next level, including: kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes, stability equipment, suspension straps, freemotion machine, and more. Enjoy your workouts in a non-intimidating, positive energy environment with skilled, experienced trainers!DiscusThrow_web


  • Personal Training: Get your optimal workout with an experienced functional training specialist.
  • Group Fitness: for a small fee, make it a buddy session! Enjoy your functional training with a family member or friend.
  • Functional Fitness classes: various times and levels to choose from throughout the week. Experience the team feel of working through a steady-paced functional workout with a small group.
  • Rossiter: (Connective Tissue Stretching) See what just a few 20 minute sessions can do to significantly reduce your pain, increase range, and let you move.


  • Flexibility and Mobility (Functional training, Yoga, Rossiter)
  • Postural correcting, Core strengthening, back-protection (Functional training, yoga)
  • Sports: Improved athletic performance, Injury prevention (Functional training, Rossiter)
  • Balance, Stability (Functional Training, Yoga)
  • Increased energy and reduced stress (Functional training)


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