Is StraightLine right for me?


Are you looking for a practical way to safely enjoy exercises in a way that will give you the best function in the shortest time? Are you looking to avoid injury and uncertainty while still training hard? Do you think this should all be fun? If you say yes, we say welcome to StraightLine! Let’s get you going!

What is functional fitness?


Training the body based on movements. Using multiple joints on multiple planes of natural movement, functional exercises integrate the muscles into a state of universal strength which is usable in any sport and in everyday life.

What is a functional training session like?

At StraightLine, we emphasize safety, effectiveness, and fun, in that order. In a 30 minute workout, you will learn to apply full-body movements to affect many muscle-groups simultaneously, getting maximum work done in a short period of time. Your trainer will make sure you master the technique for your level before advancing you to a more complex, challenging, and intense progression.

Where do I start?

If you are relatively new to functional fitness, a consultation is a great beginning: you can learn all about a personal plan for your fitness path, while we learn more about you. If you have any pain or limitations, you might qualify for a free Rossiter demo.

Which classes are right for me?

Call us to learn about our classes (970) 472-9938. You may try any of our classes at no cost.

What do you offer?

  • Classes – ongoing classes for different fitness levels, with various styles, throughout different times of day
  • Personal Training – one-on-one individualized fitness program tailored to the needs and fitness level of the client
  • Group training – like personal training, but with a friend or two
  • Rossiter – fast pain relief and improved function through specialized connective tissue stretching

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, please do! We welcome them, and encourage you to make StraightLine your home for fun workouts with your friends and family. It’s only $15 more to add another person onto your training session. Classes are more fun with friends too!

What are the costs?

There are no membership or facility fees. Classes range from 10-15. Personal training is 35 per session.

What makes StraightLine different from trendy extreme programs?

We emphasize safety and proper form, focusing on the individual person, ensuring you get maximum benefit without the risk of injury. We understand different people will be starting at different levels, and will adjust the exercises accordingly. For beginners, we get you conditioned for working out while learning the fundamentals. For those already strong and fit, we master your technique and begin advancing you to more complex and challenging progressions, while catching up any weak areas. Also, we create a sustainable and progressive long-term plan to advance you to a higher level of challenge as your body becomes ready.

What are your hours?

Aside from regular class times (see schedule), we provide our services by appointment, and schedule between 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 10:30am Saturdays.

Where are you located?

StraightLine Fitness Studio
1606 S Lemay, Suite 102
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(See a map on our contact page)

What if I have a membership elsewhere; isn’t there a membership cost?

You don’t have to worry about paying two memberships while making your transition to StraightLine; we don’t charge membership for use of our studio by our clients or class attendees.

How often should I work out?

In the beginning, two or three times per week is ideal.

What if I’ve been injured previously doing sports or other fitness?

Not a problem, just let us know about it, and we can find a way to work around it, and perhaps introduce a Rossiter program to help you with it. We put safety first, and take pride in keeping our clients more safe than other gyms.

Where are the… [cardio machines, hordes of people, rehab machines]?

We work with your body, which is high-tech already, so our equipment is low-tech. We don’t isolate muscles while letting a big device stabilize you – we work many muscles at once while teaching your body to stabilize itself. We use versatile equipment that can allow you to do many exercises on several different planes of movement, rather than restrict your mobility with a single-purpose, single-directional machine.

What if I’m not strong?

We start with what you have, and gradually build both your strength and your proficiency at the basics of body movement and posture.

What if I’m already fit and strong?

Great! We’ll bring it all together to build your abilities to a higher level, getting your strengths to work together as one, while bringing any weaker areas up to par.

Can I do functional training with Rossiter?

Absolutely. These pair together with a very effective synergy; Rossiter opens up what’s too tight/overworked, giving increased mobility, functional training strengthens what is underdeveloped. Ask us how to schedule these together for the best effect.

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