About StraightLine Fitness Studio

classes2StraightLine Fitness Studio offers a collection of experienced, passionate fitness professionals that are committed to helping you achieve a healthier, stronger you. Whether your goal is to get started with functional fitness, level up your own workouts, prepare for out door activities, rehab from an old injury or prevent future pains and aches, we are here to make sure you get the best value for your time and money. Healthy lifestyle choices are so much more than fitness and exercise, we also offer services for teaching you self care (foam rolling, myo fascial release at home, nutrition help, specialty workshops for runner, yoga, healthy back workshops, and talks from local nutritionists to offer more help on navigating food choices for you. Please click over to workshops to see what is up and coming!)

You won’t pay a membership. There are no complicated fees for amenities or “initiation”. You won’t find flocks of people flaunting, flirting, or acting tough. StraightLine is a positive, high-energy, distraction-free environment for you to get fit while feeling comfortable and having fun.


The hardest part of working out is just showing up! Because your day is busy, the time you give yourself is a gift, and one which you deserve. You are looking for results, quickly and efficiently. We understand all of this, and will create a personalized program based on what you need today, guiding you through each step on your path, and advancing you when your body is ready. You will be surprised at how quickly you’ll see quality results, and you will feel like a million bucks when you see and feel the changes.

ClimateWise-logo-rgb-2-color-e1360614822650At StraightLine Fitness Studio, we value natural, chemical free environments, not just for ourselves to work in, but also for our clients to exercise in. Our minimal approach to business has led to the opening of one of Fort Collins’s first “green” gyms. Because we have no machines or TVs, we are not using electricity to run them. The only items plugged in (most of the time) are the coffee machine and stereo. Cleaning is done with only natural germ-killing solutions that are chemical-free. Extra care was used in selecting materials for our build-out, and ‘low to no’ VOC products were used. We use only natural light from our large windows throughout most of our day. Since StraightLine was opened, our goal to reduce/reuse/recycle has been a focus, and will continue to be part of each day.



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