How Most Fitness Blogs Waste Your Time

May 27, 2016
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How Most Fitness Blogs Waste Your Time

By now you’ve seen tons of the very popular blogs with titles like, “The Top 10 Ab Exercises” or “The Top 20 Exercises You’ll Need to Burn Fat”. Hopefully you’re not still caught up in an outdated marketing campaign from the ’80s and ’90s about “fat burning” and “six pack abs”. Beyond that, why would any of us want the top 10 or 20 or even 100 exercises that only fulfill one purpose?

If you had to pick a sports team on a bet would you want a tip that would give you the top 20 teams that might win this year’s Super Bowl? Or would you rather know THE top team?

Of course you want to know the one team! Your workout is the same. Knowing 10 or 20 different variations that could tighten your abs is not as effective as knowing the one, basic way to guarantee tighter abs.

So, what is this one magical tool to achieving your workout goals? Your body! Sound simple? That’s because it is. Unlike what most fitness magazines and gyms preach, you don’t need a room full of dozens of machines to get a good, effective workout. All you need is movement, full-body involvement, and quality form to achieve optimal results. Keeping it simple by just using your body will make your workout an All Star team of cherry-picked winning exercises!

When it comes to results and specialization, refine down to the best tool for the job: you. Having variety for variety’s sake in fitness is only good for getting blog views and selling magazines. If you need variety for fun or further specialization there are variants of primary fundamental exercises that can be implemented.

Remember, keep it simple, make every set count, and get the best results for your valuable time and efforts.

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