5 Secrets to Stay On Course from a Career Fitness Trainer

May 20, 2016
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5 Secrets to Stay On Course from a Career Fitness Trainer

Are you ready to finally follow your health goals but are unsure how? Or have you begun but are struggling to incorporate your workout regime with your busy life? These are common roadblocks in the fitness world which is why we have created five secrets to helping you stay on course.

1. Always keep your workouts fun and interesting.     

Nothing kills a routine like routine.  Play music that makes you full of energy and want to move. Working out in silence or listening to a television isn’t going to provide you with the gusto a powerful track can. When possible, work out with friends.

2. Maintain the Machine.

Do your warm ups, foam rolling, and keep good form. Injuries are a common major setback and lifestyle change. Too many times I’ve witnessed people go from being in the best shape of their lives to being laid up from an injury.

3. Regularity.

Do your workouts at a ZBKPJ1TR37[1]standard time each day. Use routine and habit to your advantage. Once you get consistent for about three weeks it becomes almost automatic. Conversely, nothing stunts results more than someone with an inconsistent workout schedule who tries to “get it in when I can”.

4. Outcomes.

Always have a short-term and long-term set of goals in mind. Write them on a whiteboard if you have to. Don’t work out just to work out; keep your motivational and inspirational ideas in mind before you go to the gym and while you’re in your workout.

5. Track the Journey.

Finally, keep some sort of record of where you came from. It’s very easy to lose track of how far you’ve come if you didn’t create a starting point. This includes: how you feel, measurements (like body weight), clothing size, weights in exercises, how many sets you complete in a workout, or even activities that you might be able to do now that you weren’t able to do in the beginning.

Follow these above steps, and never worry about having to start over again!

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